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The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word ‘Audi’ is their 4 rings logo (seemingly inspired from the Olympic logo). A company’s logo leaves a lasting impression, and for good reason; every single piece of corporate stationary from letter heads to business cards sport a company’s logo. Every advertisement irrespective of the medium (print, internet or television) proudly displays the company/product’s logo. A company’s identity is closely linked to its logo and it is important for organizations to have their own distinctive logo, irrespective of the size of the organization. A company’s logo is more than just a unique symbol; a logo reflects a company’s attitude and vision. If you are looking to get a logo developed for your organization, here are few tips to help you make an informed decision.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to know what image you want your logo to project. If you are a young organization that wants to project a professional yet ‘fun’ image, make sure your graphic designers understand your organization’s vision. Let’s take the example of internet domain name provider Godaddy, Godaddy’s logo is a ‘dude with spiked hair’. Godaddy’s logo projects it as a young company with new age work ethics. It is important for your graphic design team to understand what your company’s philosophy and work ethics are.

If you are planning on using an ‘abstract’ logo, make sure you get multiple inputs on the logo because abstract logos can be interpreted differently by different people. Once finalised, a logo will be part of your company’s identity therefore you should give a logo proper thought and scrutiny. There is nothing wrong with choosing an abstract logo, all you need to ensure is that it is meaningful and is not too abstract.

Another vital factor to look into is the overall usability of the logo. Not all logos are easily reproducible, and a logo might look good on screen but it might not translate into a beautiful logo on paper. Many graphic design firms check to see if the logo is viable on paper before presenting it to the client. It is important to think out of the box when you are getting your logo developed, do not restrict yourself to the usual colours schemes and ‘industry standards’.

Companies like BT (British Telecom) have repeatedly changed their logos to keep in tune with changing times. It is important that a company’s logo change to keep in tune with changing times. A company’s logo should also change to incorporate a company’s changing vision and work ethics. Speak to a Ferrari fan, and he we will tell you that the prancing horse logo is unchanged not because Ferrari is a traditional company; the logo is unchanged because even today each Ferrari is hand assembled right down to the gear box. In essence, the reason why quality logo designing is highly sought after is because quality logo designing incorporates much more than just good looks while creating a logo.

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