Offshoring outsourcing tips

Offshore outsourcing when managed efficiently, gives good outcome. Following are the tips to yield reliable results.

  1. Take care that your supplier doesn’t fail to comply with the rules of foreign government otherwise it can result in stiff penalties and lengthy delays.

  2. Outsourcing often leads to control in outsourcing decision and make the performance mesmerizing, as you can freely put your expectations in the service agreement and include penalties if they are not met.

  3. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are essential parts for the welfare of any organization, so make sure you possess strong infrastructure support that can easily redistribute workloads to alternative locations, minimizing the chance of an interruption to your business.

  4. Make sure of setting up a separate infrastructure or at least venture to build redundancies to your network, so that the needs of your organization can be fulfilled. Mark these words that your relationship with your offshore supplier is good only if the communication and network infrastructure separates two countries.

  5. To avoid unnecessary delays, your service agreement must spell out times of availability, including contingencies for matters that require immediate attention which is must, as the time difference between U.S. and Europe, Africa and Asia can range from seven to fourteen hours.

  6. When dealing with offshore suppliers, political instability is one of the biggest unknowns. An effective way to mitigate this risk is to work with a U.S.-based company with access to offshore operations in several countries.

  7. Offshore suppliers generally have good technical skills, but they often lack relevant business-related experience. So, they should select a supplier who can incorporate industry-specific business knowledge, have effective business models and experience of the specific region where it is to be operated.

  8. First and foremost reason for companies’ to outsource is their hunt for lower cost. Factors like suppliers transition processes, productivity rates, service delivery capabilities and quality commitment can bring good impact on the overall project cost.

  9. When your company decides to partner directly with an offshore supplier, pick up someone who has previously learned the lessons of working with offshore resources and can specify certified project management professionals to work with your business firm.

  10. Your decision to outsource will be observed minutely by the employees and media, so but obvious, it can create public relations issues for your company. Choosing an outsourcing supplier with both on-shore and offshore operations can minimize the potential for negative press to much extent.

Hence, keeping these tips in mind and taking lead in it, you can manage offshore outsourcing in a best possible manner.

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